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It's raya month.. Happy Hari Raya! How did you spend your Raya? We went home to Kluang for almost a week, this time around we went before Eid ,which filled me with trepidation actually because it would mean that we would be in charge of preparing the house . And the maid had to be left because the cat would die if no one feeds it hahahaha. I wanted to bring the maid, but seriously my cat is the type that waits by the tap for someone to turn it on, before she drinks from it~ !! We'd be doing our stuff, turn around and find her by the tap. patiently waiting. Pas tu have to make sure the water is not too fast! Ngada or not

Anyway yes the entire family descended by the 3rd Raya, and we took a family photo

haa tu dia..that's the entire clan as of this year! All of the siblings were together finally - one is in HK doing her dentistry, one cousin sibling (cousin raised by parents in law) works in Qatar now.

Some sadness- visited husband's cousin uncle (mom's cousin) who had been diagnosed with liver cancer. He was not aware of how dire it is, and was very happy when we went. He asked though, halfway what his prognosis and whether he was living on borrowed time. Hubbs terdiam sekejap. couldn't say anything. But he got the message. Stage 4 you.

Another big thing was the Hajah Safero gathering that we did. Basically mom's aunties and uncles from the same grandmother and all their relatives were gathered . Oiii pening wooh because ada ramai..and we wanted to collect monies for it. but yours truly here was in charge of setting a i said RM10. per working adult. So in the end..yours truly and the others in AJK had to top up ler hahaha - but it was really fun and nice.  Haa, this was the wedding of one aunt ages ago. Standing from left: Opah tam (no 4) OPah Mok (no 5), Opah Ngah (no 2) and Opah teh (er no 3)-- sitting is Opah Chu bedah (to be distinguished from Opah Chu Selayang (same mom but 2 dads) - only Opah Chu Bedah , Opah Teh and Opah Chu Selayang is around. Opah Chu Bedah has a bigger brother, who also passed away.

Ok then gotto go back to work...Thinking of this:


ummisara said…
Kak Shiela..

Selamat HAri Raya...
seronok dapat berkumpul reramai kan....
Memang..penat giler lah tapi . seronok memang sangat seronok
hani noordin said…
Selama Hari Raya :-)
Juju said…
selamat hari raya kak! maaf zahir batin. been ages since i last dropped by but ur posts never failed to make me smile. tak buat open house ke kak?

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