Friday, September 05, 2014


I'm taking my parents to Cameron Highlands today yay yay!! We are staying here . Copthorne Hotel - 3 bedroom apartment and 2 bedroom apartment. Actually my dad yang suka na nak pi Cameron ...if I could choose I'd go to Perhentian ek??? Takpa lah make them happy..hehehe

Lately it's been family time - on 10th August we had a huge gathering for my mom's grandfather's side...Lal Mohd. He came from Pakistan and apparently was a pendakwah (missionary) until he became a bread merchant- had factories etc in Tg Malim (coming down from Penang)- he married Hjh Safero my great grandmom (his 3rd? wife) . Hjh Safero pulak also married another mamak Hj Abdul Hai after Atok Lal passed on. And had 2 kids my Opah Chu and my Atok mamak. Opah Chu ada lagi. Of the children under Atok Lal and Hjh Safero, ada 3 lagi Opah left (Opah being "grandmom") .
(rumah my opah)

Not to mention kids from Atok Lal's other wives residing in Perak. Aiyoo big family ah. We had such a good time because ada lucky draw and family tree....I am now trying to maintain momentum of the family get together - may be I can distribute gambar? We tried charging 10 per person to cover cost - but in the end sponsored a lot myself sigh hahahahha..

Then last weekend pulak we had a huge gathering for my DAD's side pulak. My dad's grandfather came from Pagaruyung Indonesia (padanlah maid tak respek, kita pun Indon rupanya) and brought his son Ismail from there. Some 4 other kids and wife were left .(Ceh) . And when he came over, my dad's grandad married a couple more Malay ladies and had my grandfather, Sudin. So Sudin and Ismail ni brothers lah. Anyway the Ismail clan traced the Sudin clan and get together every year for the last 2 or 3 years. This year Sudin clan hosted.

(rumah kampung my dad)

Ok lah not as interesting or kecoh as my mom's side but then with the Undang Rembau there how kecoh can it get right. What was interesting was meeting my brother's ex gf and discovering she is the my anaksedara! Yang amat kelakar was how she pretended not to remember us !hhehehehehe..I tell you I swear she pretended cause she came over to the house , she went home on the same flight with me - they met when he was a student still. My brother broke it off after a while. My brother brought his gf to see me , even the one he eventually married hehehe . My other bro pun introduced his gf to me when we went to Japan. The only sis in law I didn't get to meet was my 2nd brother's wife. And I tell you everytime mom makes any comment about how she didn't clear up breakfast ke or left the dirty diapers in the toilet ke  I would say tu lah! Tak introduce lagi hahahaha...anyway we love you Mas , mom in laws can be fussy !!

Last Sunday lak my mom's birthday...had dinner kat La RIsata..ok and harga berpatutan..

Family becomes more important the older you are I know why my dad was so anxious about visiting all the obscure family members that only he recognises....I am the same now!!!!

Happy Friday you all!!

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