Saturday, December 20, 2014

how to shoot kids' street cred to pieces.

Last week the younger 3 went off to Kem Bina Semangat, Wheretheheck, Selangor. heheh no lah it's actually at Kuala Kubu Baru. The kids had been practising daily before that, marching in school and doing something called "base"(?daze? Dais? Bayze? Beige? no idea)

So off they went, armed with cookies and handphones and tshirt KRS and the like, The house fell silent, with only Sara and me and daddy (actually Sara and me, most of the time). And Tom the kitten with the voracious appetite and the white socks.

First night,  Jojo called. then the girls called.  then, their phones must have died because we received no calls. Then, Jojo called again- My toothbrush fell in the toilet (!!) , and I forgot to pack enough shirts. With visions of my son going around all yellow teeth and also wearing old dirty tshirts,  I packed what he needed, and by the way Sophia said can pls bring fruits and cookies too? Wanted to go the next morning but work interfered so planned at night with hubs. Hubs came home past 11 pm so that plan was shot. Parents came for dinner and heard I was planning to send food and stuff to the kids and dad , a former colonel , was simply HORRIFIED. Let them be! he said. Let my cucu suffer! Camping is not supposed to be fun!!

Yeah but no toothbrush dad, that's a pretty big deal..!

Ok but don't go alone, do you want us to go? Dad asked- at dad. no way.

The next day I don't know what happened but hubs agreed to come with me to send the stuff. I fetched Nadine from college and then fetched him. I think he was supposed to welcome some foreign docs who came to visit the Uni. But he passed that to his other colleagues for the sake of his kids whom he hasn't seen in a while. I actually think he just felt like NOT going to the uni heheheh...after several days of heavy call at both places of work. I seriously don't know how he is managing to juggle these 2 places..

Anyway off we went to this place. Mak kau JAUH NYA!! So far into the boondocks! Husband, clearly feeling the effect of all those late night calls, actually stopped to sleep at the R&R. I would take over but I pun ngantuk- since the kitten came we have been up feeding him every 3 hours. Kalah my own kids.

We eventually drove on. Passed a neighbourhood with abandoned and incomplete shoplots, and seriously bad roads, riddled with potholes. Felt like we were really far far from urban KL. Stopped to buy lots of kueh at a stall. Finally we spotted the's near MRSM rupanya..A big open space area, and from afar I could see rows upon rows of tents erected. We drove on to the entrance.

And as we approached the gates I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to hide. Malunyaa!!!. There the kids were, in their green uniforms, the boys were in the middle of constructing some tower with bamboo. No adults to be seen , what more parents. And here we were, in our MPV, with tinted windows , coming with clothes and toothbrush and cookies. ER, this was NOT a good idea. Our children's street cred is NO MORE.

Spotted Johan with his group first. Trying to do what, I don't know, but they had a lot of fat green bamboos with them. They fiddled with them, and it was obvious they did not have the faintest idea what to do with the bamboo! In the end Johan went to send the bamboo rods back to to the pile in the middle of the field. Failed for the team- hehehe but to be fair they were not taught how to make clocktower or watch tower from bamboo- only lots of marching. And that base thing.

We parked RIGHT in front of the kids, and everyone stared, at least I think everyone stared, I can't tell, as I was hiding in the car. I peeked though, to see if  Johan noticed us. We wound down the window . He was actually looking around - his face when he spotted us!! Priceless- hehehe eyes were ROUND and mouth actually fell, and then he walked to us beaming- street cred be damned!

Then I called Adni's teacher in charge's hp, and the teacher came over -  I passed her the kueh to give to the girls. She happily updated me and Nadine on what had been happening- Adni kids were not too experienced, and it was good exposure for them to see how the others were. There were kids from Indonesia, and Thailand cadets too! We walked to the back of the field to where the girls were, the other side of the building. (the camp is divided into two parts- in the centre there is this single story building - office ? don't know) Sophia was in her tent, and Daya went off to have a shower. Boy were they surprised! hehehehe! I saw their friends first, the Adni girls were grouped into about 4 tents, and in the middle there was this mat on which the girls were lounging around- everyone of them were like my own kids, and they're always coming home with our kids. It was really nice, to be able to hug them in the middle of their camping - they were NOT expecting us to pop by in the middle of the day- but I suspect they were thankful  that we came the day the activities were all done, at least no marks to deduct, for having moms and dads come over!

After about an hour, we left..Johan muka sedeh...wanted us to go see his tent- apparently because they arrived late they were given the most outside area- nearest to the entrance! We saw the tent when we drove away...with him waving at us sadly..(pathetic tol kan citer ni, walhal the next day dah nak balik) 

The moral of this story is: NEVER VISIT your children at camp! Buat maluu je hehehehe!


Anonymous said...

Hadoiiii la shila.. memang kelako!

yea.. saya setuju ngan colonel.. jgn sesekali visit kalau takat 3 hari 2 malam .. 5 hari 4 mlm pun toksah.. memang bikin malu.. kuning pun kuning ler wehh.. he he


Superwomanwannabe said...

tu lah , lesson learnt! malu tol bila bawak kereta masuk compound...macam beruk masuk bandar:)

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