Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Ya Allah, I'm so annoyed with the kids, specifically the schoolgoing kids. The book list has come out like a week ago, Sara has  on my request asked her friends who man the bookshop, to please reserve ALL the books on the booklist, while waiting for the rest to return from their camping. The idea was once they are back, they can find out how many of the books in the book list they actually needed. I mean, what is the point of having a sibling in the year above you, if not to pass down the books, right?? That is, if the school doesn't decide to change the entire book list lah kan!

Until today I am still yelling at the kids to please sort out the books. Sophia has to find Sara's books. Daya has to take Sophia's books. Johan takes Daya's books. Johan is done, to be fair to him, and he only has about 6 books to get. (from a list of about 20) . At least this way we can save sikit. It's scary looking at their booklists! 

(sophia has to decide what exam she will take- the O levels, or the SPM- before she can decide what books to take!) 

It's not  just text books, there are work books, and writing books (exercise books). By the way, I am NOT going to buy all those exercise books. Use up the old ones, tear up pages that have been used, and use the blank pages. Bukan kedekut (not being mean) but the house is FULL of exercise books, some barely used! 

Another thing I am refusing to buy is eraser ruler dan sewaktu dengan nya. I rasa they already have so many- kejap kejap beli kan. That mamak shop and the grocery shop next to the school are a bad idea- who ever allowed them to operate next to cashcarrying kids?? So now the kids will have to search the house for the old usable ones. I dont care if it's stubbed. We bought loads usually at the beginning of the year- you all makan ke?? he he!

Bukan apa..every year , this time of year, parents (us) will be heading to Tesco/Popular etc to get all their stuff. Uniforms,yes have to get new ones as they grow out of them, or get paint on them or even tear them. Tudung- PLEASE buy new ones as some have holes and cuts (how??) . Shoes, I understand. But a lot of stuff they still have from the year before , which can still be used. I got them new stuff every year. But not this year ok?? Bukan hari raya kan, kena tukar baru semuanya. 

(you think mummy can hold on to her resolve?) 

And kids, for heaven's sake, can you find your books already?!!! 

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