Tuesday, December 16, 2014

kidless in kl

Not such a glorious day today, because the kids are all at (yet another) camp. This time it's a PRINT competition - youth cadets. They've set up tents I supposed by now. Johan has called me twice, telling me his phone is dying and he can't charge it because he's in a tent, so he might as well burn it by calling me. Awww..hope he stays my baby foreVAH. I offered to give him  the tee shirt I slept in , in case he misses my smell. He struggled to find a way to refuse without offending me ha ha. Dahlia just refused. I said ya it's stinky but at least it's mommy stinky! Heehee!

Talking about babies (yes we were) We have a baby cat in da house. I never remember if i've blogged about things, so if you have heard it before, ignore je lar ok. Daya found this kitten, so brought it home and now we are taking care of him . Boy it's a full time job! With the 3 gone, tinggal sara alone to take care of the guy. BUT! She's taken a job with the library, selling books! How? maid is ignoring the kitten. The kitten needs food every 2 hours. I came home at 5. I asked maid what time kitten ate, she said 1.pm something. I said eh! Feed the cat lar...Not having ever taken care of an orphan kitten, we're following vet's instruction to the letter- feed every 2 hours. Kids have been playing mommy. Johan pun will feed the kitten. When the 3 mommies went off to camp, leaving Sara, and then when Sara went, tinggal lah Maid to help. BUT does she help? Na-ah! Example, did not feed the kitten. 

Maid ni ada clever sikit, she said she didn't feed the kitten because she could not find the food- I opened the fridge and there it was. She told sara she's busy. She has no intention of caring for a kitten.  I told her she has no choice, the 3 kids are not around, and I'm asking a favour. This lady needs to be yelled at I think, she is soo not suitable for a passive aggressive employer like me. She thinks she is the boss. If I tell her X she will often tell me no, cannot must do Y. I ignore the Y and repeat the request for X. But it gets tiring  not to  yell. When  you soooo want to. Because although she is nice, and she is good, she is also insolent. Huwaaaa....I want my old Bibik backkkkkkk!!!!

Foooh!! Enough about maids- repeat the mantra- at least someone sends out rubbish and does the laundry......Yes I am truly grateful for that...

Moving on! The other day Dr Fauziah the fantastic dentist who does makeover (go to the link to see her gallery of miraculous makeovers) . Anyway she shared about setting goals. She outlined 8 areas of your life where you can improve - set one goal for 2015 for each of them- such as Want to have 24 dinners with the family (under FAMILY). 

I  was googling and I found this on goal setting. 

Goals have to be measurable. and goals have to be reasonable. No more "lose 20 kg" goals. More like "Lose 1 kg a month" . Hey let's just forget about the losing kgs. how about "cut out carbo at night" or other stuff that will hopefully lead to the losing weight. I say this because, everytime I set the weight goal, people will be sending food over, or I would have some makan makan do, and that goal is BUSTED. 

Goals have to be measurable, she mentioned, like , you need to say I want to read 12 books this year, (under say, mental goal). I want to NOT be mental. Is one of my goals hehehehe....

I want to go for haj eg, before 50. Have finally registered and can now go  at the ripe old age of 100. Why have I not registered before? Because I  have been told that you can register anytime...and submit your appeal once you have the moolah. I was NOT told that the moolah here means the superdooper expensive packages. Inshaa Allah lah doakan lah ada rezeki I will go before 50. Without selling my house. or kidneys. 

I want to er..er...er..pray on time at least 2 prayers a day  how about that for a start. Selalu pray tengah tengah or dah dekat nak masuk the other waktu..which is BAD BAD BAD!!! Whyyyy is this difficult. Hope you don't judge me ok by the way he he.  I have started my sunat solats (voluntary prayers)..which is great..once you do voluntary prayers , the compulsory prayers seem so few an offering to your maker. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit they say. After 2 weeks you should be taking it for granted. OK let's put that to the test

 Not that easy, you know, setting goals - forces you to THINK about what you are doing, rather than just stumble into things. I don't think I've ever actually set goals. If you don't set goals, they become just dreams. 

Which is ok cause you need to always dream. But nicer if you can say I set out to do X and I achieved it yay!! 

Ok lah tara...

Sekian terimakasih....

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