Friday, December 12, 2014

My night with Anuar Zain (whooooot!)

The title is pretty tantalising hehehehe...

Last weekend, my husband had his 2 nights 3 days hols with his mates- his  30 years reunion back at the School there I was thinking I will be bored- hohum twiddle thumbs- wondering what to do..

Tup tup Friday tu, hours to his departure,  my cousin called me and asked if I was busy. She said she had a spare ticket to go to a charity dinner to support something or other and Anuar Zain will be singing - would I like to go? Hmmmmm....

Now the unlikely event that you have not heard of Anuar Zain, [ which is only possible if you (a) live abroad (b) have no female malaysian friends and (c) are a man who have no female malaysian friends ] , he is a 40 something year old crooner who first  burst into the music scene with a Hariraya song that is still top of the charts today- kain pelikat. He now sings mellow songs and he has such a powerful voice and is kinda cute - he is a popular choice for secretaries week, I hear. And all the ladies love him. I've never seen him live. 

So should I go? What do you think?? It was (a) a free seat (b) Anuar Zain was there and (c) dinner also served - what's to think about! I went home, got dressed in a slightly dressier outfit , and bade a hasty and cheerful byebye to the husband who left the house with his mates at the same time (I normally would find it hard to let him leave without at least 2 big hugs- I have a problem, I know). I took all the kids with me, and promised them they could stay in a room upstairs (it was held at a hotel). I checked them in, and said byeeee and went off to the ballroom. 

When I arrived I saw loads of very glittery ladies in full make up- there were a few though who were 'biasa-biasa" like me. Quite a lot of men. Found out that this was to support the paediatric unit at IJN- I was thrilled when the TwoTuns came - Tun Dr Hasmah was the patron. I'm so amazed at their strength- at 80 plus , leaning to 90 years old, they walked straight, unsupported, and I'm going to think of them the next time I feel the urge to moan about my pains.

Anyway the reason I got the ticket free was my cousin's client who invited her and her husband, also invited Ms X who fell ill (Thank you heheh). My cousin's client was with one of the main sponsors of the dinner (Phytoscience). If I hadn't heard anything about Phytoscience before the dinner, boy after one night with her I know all  you need to know! They (a) are an MLM company and (b) sell health product. I wanted to tell her that (a) my husband will kill me and views with suspicion all  MLM especially that claiming health benefits but (b) if she persevere with me, I will buy anything she sells because I am that type of moron person.

Very well organised- and good presentations - slides to show how kids suffering from heart problems can now get treatment there. A few dancing dancing by kids dressed in hip hop- tweens and teens in make up and dancing away on stage--soooo cute but thank goodness my kids are not like that I thought! hahaha when did I become so boring. 

Adibah Noor was the MC and she was good- she also sang which was good, she walked around for photo op- I tell you who said we Asians are shy? Everyone crowded her for pix

But whatever happened to Adibah Noor was nothing compared to what happened when Anuar Zain came on!  He sang a few songs, and then he went down to the audience - and the girls! The girls! (ok , hardly girls, some of them, makcik rather) all go and rushed forward for a pic. hehehe! I texted a friend and she said- you've never seen his concert? This happens all the time. 

I must say I was suprised to find that I don't like him when he is NOT singing! His banter was so creepy and flirty at times, I cringed. I kept thinking- erTun Mahathir is in front of you lar. When he sings- wow. It just blows you away. but when he does his routine. er..

Of course my cousin was in heaven lah kan. There is a pic of her gazing dreamily at the stage with her husband staring at her perplexedly hahaha. 

He had to leave cause he had work, as soon as he left she shot to the stage, when Anuar Zain called those who wanted a selfie with him. She asked me- should I ? I said in between cringing- SURE! GO FOR IT! The ladies were seriously begging for pix and gushing away at Anuar (who I suspect swing for the other side but that may be his mannerism)

Hehehehe the night ended soon enough with almost RM900k raised (hurray!). I thanked my cousin and went into the lift to head to the bedroom. I was mentally shaking my head and found all this commotion just because of Anuar, very amusing. I had this superior attitude lah, since I was the cool one . I didn't take any pics, i only appreciated Anuar on a cerebral level.  Hehehe..

Then something happened -  I forgot which room I had booked . In the lift , the other passenger asked which floor and I said "That's what I want to know too!" 

I went out again on the 2nd floor, and called the hotel from my hp. They laughed (??!) when I said I was lost, and after grilling me about my father's name and mother's name (no lah they didn't ) they told me I was actually on the top floor. Yes in my rush to drop my kids and go to the show, I had booked the grand suite. Not such a free seat, after all eh. 

So off I went up..lift door opened and lo and behold who walked towards me? 

Anuar Zain. 

And what did I, this supercool, not affected highly superior woman, do? 

I gushed.

I said, IMMEDIATELY as soon as I saw him- NOW I can take a selfie with you!!

And I fiddled with the phone camera. Which I suddenly forgot how to use. And he was ok with it. I think I said something like I was soo shy before . (Control macho is what I said)

And I floated to the rooms...(not before I posted it up on FB lar)

And I spent the next 2 days cringing at myself at how embarrassingly fangirl I was hahahaha- do you think he thought I was stalking him? 

But at least now I can say..I met Anuar Zain! Ahem- Ko ado?? hehehehe

Tu lah ceritanyer.......


ummisara said...

kak best!!! tak perlu susah susah...anwar zain came to u...hahahahh

Superwomanwannabe said...

Kannnn...menyerah diri gitew!! hehehehe

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