Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday diary

Hi there all! What a glorious day it is! Ie, the sun is out. hahah ala ala mat salleh. Everytime the sun is shining it's a glorious day. You can sustain long minutes of conversation just babbling about how nice a day it is, and do you think it might rain later? Nowadays, force of habit, in Malaysia when the skies are blue and the sun is shining I think-what a glorious day! Walhal panas nak mati.hehehe..if only the temp is a cool 26 degrees ke...baru lah best....hehehe

(on the other hand, if the temperature DOES drop down , we'd equally freak out- the weather on the east coast got really cold earlier this year and I remember thinking- END OF THE WORLD!) 

Yes I'm babbling. Actually I'm waiting for the kids to get ready. We're going to fetch Nadine and then Ampang Point. Nadine and Jojo have gone to the Al Ansar school. Every Saturday she volunteers to teach Rohingyan kids English (I thought she was teaching Syrian kids) For the Syrian refugees she helps the single moms sell their biscotti- they make GORGEOUS biscotti - some with cranberries, and others with huge hazelnuts. Nadine bought 18 jars the other day for purpose of sale. I am ashamed to say we did not sell them- we ate every single biscotti. She came back from college the other day, opened the cupboard and wailed "MOOOMMM What happened to the Biscotti?? Now there's only 3 jars!!"(er, 1)

By the way I am no longer Mummy, I am MOM now. Kids growing up I guess. I do miss their "mummy". The other day I asked Sophia "can you say "I want your tummy" like you used to tell me everytime you wanted to go to sleep?" (She'd just rub my very nice and wobbly belly then until she falls asleep) . Sophia: MOOOMMM!!! (Frowned and cringed)

Anyway yes, we need to go and get Kaklong from this school . She has dragged brought Johan, who I hope is enjoying himself or at least not suffering too much. Johan could not think of a good reason to refuse teaching these refugees, especially when I said they have so much less than you. Nadine wants me to stay too, maybe I can do it after - after- after I stop procrastinating. I have so many good ideas, and good intention,  but so malas to do anything. I have to CHANGE this. Last week I went in to their meeting (Nadine said pot luck, and everyone is invited mom, went in tengok ada meeting), and I ended up suggesting so many things- eg why don't they open up to Malaysian teachers who want to experience teaching in an international set up - the fellow volunteers are all from Australia, Canada, Afghanistan, Maldives.'d be getting precious experience! Anyone here minat to get that exposure?? hehehe

After getting Nadine I'm thinking of taking them out for lunch. Which will make the maid mad,  I know, since she already started to cook. This maid is very fierce, she'd tell me off for not coming back to eat when the food has been cooked. I told her there are still my kids, even if I eat out. Eh ehhhhhhh!! Lebih kuah dari sudu lak. She  has this whiny whiny voice- but I am sure she is a good person, and I am more than grateful for her presence. 

Am going to have a facial- have not been for 4 months, and I'm sure my face is now hitting the ground ,  it's that droopy. Facial place is near where Nadine is, (see, mummy smaaart) , so my plan is to go for facial while I let my kids loose in the mall nearby. Well, they are teenagers after all. See how much I have changed?? Dulu SORRY lah. 

And after that- husband's family is having a bbq in PD at sis in law's corporate bungalow. He's so chuffed to go that he woke up so early to go to market to buy all the lauk. He said he'll be back at 2 pm.  I remain neutral and "we shall see" as in, "We shall see what time you come back , dear". Saturday is supersebok day as everyone wants an appointment on Saturday.I am SOO sure he won't be back at 2pm, I have booked the facial FOR 2 pm. hehehehe

Ok i better go, the kids are finally ready. Byee. have a great day all. 

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