Sunday, December 07, 2014

so to babble on....

Wow...It has been almost 3 months since my last post...

why haven't I been posting?

Firstly, the kids can now read my posts! and comment! and ask me to edit! Aiyoo lecehlah you...hehehe. I can no longer just blithely talk about their exploits!

And anyway their exploits are just getting too many for me to write about!  They have been so busy!

They go on camps- cadet camps, leadership camps, prefect camps, this camp that camp. From not being happy to let them go away for even one night, I'm now  having to let them go to Pahang, etc for  as long as (gasp!!) 3 nights . They come back sweaty and tired , zonking out on their beds immediately! I then hear of tales of nightwalks, of Jojo eating a leaf, of Jojo hitting his head on a tree. Invariably they'd bring home awards: best participant (Johan at latest camp) , best group , best speaker (Dahlia?) Best this and best that. They seem to thrive under this school. Either they are super brilliant, or this school is super into appreciation! Hahahah! I think it's a good concept- to appreciate and recognise the kids . All kids. The kids under this school seem to bloom , some bloom more than others.

Talking about blooming..remember that girl who refused to go to school when she was in lower primary, kept saying she had a tummy ache. who came in 38th in a class exam? I moved her to this school with far less students in one class - and the tummy pains thankfully stopped. Then one year,  her siblings (younger and older) were all made prefects, except for her, and she was sad...and I had a quiet word to the teachers to please give her a position - they didn't realise she wanted one! he he - she was then made the cleanliness monitor. Well, this girl bloomed into a prefect, then head prefect, then house captain, and with a the occassional tears and hugs and regular personal tuition in subjects she found hard(but actually not if explained by good teachers!) - at the recent graduation/performance ceremony I am beyond happy to brag, that she was given the school's top award ! Yay ! Give it up for (drum rollllllllll) Saaraaa!(ra! ra! ra! (echo) heheheeh)  We are mucho proud and by the way you must carry that" top award" in your heart with you all the time, in your lifetime, perform in studies, work, relationship, as if you are that Muttaqien - a top person  . When (if) people put you down tell yourself- well THEY didn't get the top award, did they??? hehehehe

Shout out also for Dahlia ..she finally beat her best friend who was forever getting top , to come out the best student for her Year! yay daya!!! It's nice to be top isn't it? But make sure you also deserve it lah(and Im sure you do) - kalau setakat beat your friend but your marks are low, then must make sure you understand more and learn more effectively horait??

One kid who I feel will need the spot light on him next year is Johan.  He has not gone to any extracurricular activities, having quit debating on account of it being too confrontational and people too aggressive (Im with you there) - he didn't get around to joining another club. I have asked his friend to be his CCA buddy  - ie make sure he joins an activity and goes to the practice! His studies pun average. On the plus side he is admired by his teachers for his akhlak and his maturity! I told him he is actually waiting for his body to catch up to the mental age he is at - which is 25 at least. hahahaha. Until of course he plays his games- then he regresses to 10. *Grin!!*

Sophia is now the eldest in the school- with Sara gone! A prefect, and hopefully carrying on the tradition of being the head-prefect next year. Sophia has just told me she's not carrying on her taekwondo next year- she's red tip. She makes decisions as if she alone has the right to her life.  Which I take offence to, having long considered that I have the right to meddle. for ever. Will someone tell her?

Nadine's pretty settled in her college- her sponsors and her college both better not mess her life up, is what I say. While we are grateful for the funding, she has had her A level programme which she had been taking for one year, suddenly stopped after the apparent dismal performance of her UK going seniors- and she found herself and her group transferred to the American Credit Transfer programme instead, a year into Alevels! - Which is ok, if you want to transfer your credits, but a no-no if you want to aim for the Ivyleagues (and she got heart to dream lar) -

First we questioned her sponsors on the wisdom of doing A levels and not the American degree foundation , they told us yeah it's ok.

then , now that you have stopped the A levels programme and I have TOLD you that the Ivyleagues won't accept transfer students (as per their websites) , many many emails have been sent by me , I even called Princeton , but you still insist that she can apply, just don't transfer the credits, and if she has any problem, you will "xplain to the university and appeal" (Boleh??) well- you had better be there if she gets rejected by any of the university, oh sponsors and college. I remain eternally grateful while I resist the urge to bang your heads together for  lack of foresight and common sense, oh dearest sponsor and dearest college (you i hold even more responsible, as you give the sponsors advice). Now we shrug our shoulders and pray!

Ok that's the kids done so far..the hubs now

Well, he is super bz . Super super super bz. From the looks of it a very popular surgeon and very popular lecturer (alhamdulillah). So busy that I have resorted to abandoning going to the office most days in favour of tagging along for a ride whenever he goes to the university to teach/attend meetings/etc etc. The routine is now work- work at uni- come home- sleep- work. What a life!

I don't mind (or can't mind) sitting in the car waiting for him, and for the sake of time together I have to work on the go. Which is not so good, but doable. I am now feeling my age as all this travelling around and begging for his time, is tiring.

I have to be clever in getting time together also- had a last minute booking at grand hyatt the other day, midweek. Seriously not worth it as only there for a short time  but what to do?? Betol tak.

He's back to his college this weekend, to celebrate 30 years annivesary, having miraculously found the time, and I must tell you it's a relief not having to think of when he is coming back or whether he is back for dinner. I have not had many calls from him at the college,  (other than the one yesterday) and amazingly I have resisted the urge to call him (not wishing to embarrass him in front of his boyz). I worry about his health, as his dad has heart , diabetes, gout, and hypertension and it can pass down to him too. He eats late at night, having missed his meals in the day. I saw him in action while waiting for him in clinic..doesn't stop! With the women he's pretty friendly (but then  he has always been , even way back when) and I don't generally worry except I told him I do not like the way this one nurse who "takes care" of his clinic and his patients , talk to me about him the other day- she was soo admiring of him and said he was soo nice and it was clear that they chat a lot as she tells me things he told her. I hate her. Married or not. I don'tcare. You do not get too chummy with a woman you see more than your wife. I know, I have a good friendly relationship with my partner as well but I don't care if it's double standard, I absolutely do not like it. And he's not allowed to talk to the maid, I insist. Cause I know he's friendly. And will be asking about what they eat in Indonesia lah...this lah that lah. So, I don't worry, I just set rules. Teruk kan I.

nadine asked if I have anything I want to pursue on my own other than being supportive to the kids and daddy. Loads nadine but the obstacle is not your dad, It's my laziness and inertia. I want to be fluent in Japanese and Arabic and french and Turkish, for one. I hate not being able to understand any gossip.. (and reading quran is better if you realise what you are reading is not just sounds but powerful message and lessons to take and use in daily life years and years after it was first given to man) , I want to study history of man, and wonder who the heck is Khatib koyan (he was a penghulu).I want to lose 20 kg. I am now over 70kg. a mere 10 years ago, I was 20 kg lighter. Wow . 2kg a year.

I am still working. with KG's partner. who I hear from the hubby, is also superduper bz. We should share notes, both her hubs and me, being spouses to superduper bz people. The difference between us though is, being me, I can whine and nag and it'll be cute. hahahahahahha!

Parents are fine- in laws are here more and more as they get older- DIL was admitted for a week that day for ubat poisonng- overdosing on gout pills and took 10 days to flush out of his system! Now he's driving around like normal much to the joy of my MIL!

My parents are ok, moaning that we don't see them enough. My brother no 3 and family have moved out, my brother no 4 and wife are in the UK doing his phD- so they are pretty lonely.

Ok lah guys, Nuff for now. I hope I can continue to blog. I hope I lose this "I cant be bothered to do anything " thing that is caging me now. And I hope I can get a nice long holiday after this!


Anonymous said...

Miss ur blogging Kak...pls keep on posting ye...

Mrs Hilmi said...

Gosh honestly I have been waiting for ages for your updates. Wow a snapshot with Anuar Z. Bangga tak...
Anyway, glad to know that you're good and up and about.
Rajin2 la blog pls. and pls do not put in on private ok. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anony..thanks ya - I will continue insyaAllah

Superwomanwannabe said...

mrsHilmi! Thanks so much- sangat bangga dalam maluu. hehehe (ada ke?) I never put on private. Tak reti. And tak reti hide or be fake. But blogging ni opens you up to judgement..kengkadang worry gak ek. one time ada criticism (tak teruk pun) and I terus tak blog.ish ish ish....but eh thanks for reading!

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