Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where did the year go?

Really, I'm sure if I go back to all the old posts around this year I'd find myself asking the same thing that I am now: Where the heck did the year go?? What ever happened to january, february etc etc?? 

I must say though I'd be glad to see the back of this year. Personally it has been not a bad year for us, with the kids all doing ok, and everyone remaining more or less healthy. Parents are still well, alhamdulillah. We even managed to acquire one kitten a couple of weeks back. He's doing ok now, getting bigger behaving like a real toddler, except with claws. So when he wants attention and he's meowing at your feet , if you ignore him he can climb on you. And always coming to us whenever we pray. and just now wanted me to watch him eat. How I know? I was praying, he was meowing. I finished, and looked for his food. He ran to his dish, which was already full of food. So he knew where food was. he then ate, but kept turning back to look at whether I was waiting for him or not. So it looked like he wanted me to wait with him while he ate. 

Or maybe not, maybe he was just meowing. heheheheh!

Where was I? Oh yes, Personally, yes a good year. But for Malaysia- it has been a year of terrible tragedy. Serious tragedy punyer..bukan main main. After decades of peace, tranquility, with nary a tremor, and me smugly thinking wah Malaysia escapes all those tornado, typhoon etc..Well, after decades of all that, we are now seeing floods the like of  which have never been seen before, we are seing twisters, we are experiencing tremors or earth quakes..

and 3 of our planes, have gone missing, got shot down, and crashed. ALL in one year. 

What is happening?

What is the message? I cannot help thinking we are being reminded that for all our superiority complex  thinking we can conquer the elements, with our sky scrapers etc, we are still His subjects, puny in His hands, and servants, actually. 

It's hard not to think we are being punished, too. I know, who are we to fathom divine intention,  but boy it sure feels like it. Maybe all those greed and corruption by all and sundry at all levels of society got us into this fix. Whatever it is, we must accept with open heart, and keep helping in whatever way we can. 

Aiyoo this blog dah berceramah pulak. I better stop before I get too boring meself - off to send Sara to work. She's now got a job with 3 of her friends at one of the friends' mom's place. They basically do basic clerical stuff. I actually do not like her to do this, and I think after 2 days of being there the gloss of working with friends, is fast vanishing. But biarlah dia try...

Ok byeee

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