Sunday, February 22, 2015

Had a good break?

Today is the last of the 4 day weekend..sobs* where did the time go (as usual). Hope my friends who are chinese or have chinese relatives had had a great Chinese New Year!! I asked one of my friends if I can come to her house for CNY she said no. hehehehe. I asked why lah ?? She said, I don't cook. So I guess no sudden barging to my chinese friends' house yelling Happy New Year loudly then! 

We had a family dinner at mom and dad one night- mom cooked nasi ayam in the way only she can do it- yummm. Dad was a bit sad when we all left, one by one...I am ashamed to say I was a bit irritated that dad was so clingy..he must have felt this way with HIS parents too right ? Don't worry, I slapped myself and realise that I am so lucky that my parents are around. We take for granted what we have, that is a universal truth. 

But it's true though that my dad is bored. He's at home with mom, and his tab, and his internet, but he wants his family around. If I don't call him after 2 days he'd be moaning that I have forgotten him. Mom is also the same-  I guess I will be exactly the same. Heck I am already like that with MY kids. 

So what is the solution? Try to get away with them often? Make mom and dad happy- my dad likes to travel- no surprise there hehe. He gets restless at home . So yesterday we went to Kuala Selangor to eat seafood- a good long drive and we had a good seafood meal at D'Coral Seafood, which is not the most famous place to eat in Kuala Selangor, but the most famous restaurants are very chinese and no offence to the chinese but mom was concerned they were  not halal. (Hubby told me this morning that the Dcoral restaurant bosses were chinese too even though they have malay staff but I guess they must cater for muslims right. Although I feel very bad and disloyal to my chinese friends for suggesting that their eatery is not good enough for us muslims, there are certain rules we observe that makes a halal status important. )

Ok I'm babbling.

I also picked up a tennis racket the other day. I felt very restless myself, not having left the house for a whole day (ahaks!) so when the other half and Jojo went to play tennis i tagged along. Yes I am totally c*ap at it (sorry kids, who thinks c*ap is a swear word ) but I had fun hitting some balls . techniques all ke laut but who cares. Hubby says Jojo is getting good. It warms the heart to watch them play..remind me why I wanted to have a son so much- so that hubby can have someone play with him. As for the said son, he was happy I wanted to be  a part of something sporty- he was delighted I wanted to come. Hey I'm the passive read a book and listen to your stories kind of parent ok. I have a friend who posted on her FB that she just cycled 174 km and wow...I so wish I can  have 1 percent of your energy mate! Maybe , maybe one day...

talk to you later ! Byeee!

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