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What we did in January..

Have a wild guess where we were


How was your January? yep it's gone..gone gone gone, no turning back, no getting it back. I am inching ever closer to FORTY SIX and it's a sign of age that I said to someone the other day that I was 44. I quite accidentally shaved off 2 years of my life. 

Tomorrow I am giving my friend Keath's pilates studio a try. Discovery Pilates is just across the road, scarcely 10 minutes walk. Early this year he came to the BNI meeting. If that's not a sign for me to get fit and lose this weight, I don't  know what lah kan.  He's giving a free half an hour trial. He said it's good for the back, so I'm trying it out tomorrow. Since I have back pain now kan . All my pain stems from being heavy lah I think (ya think? I can hear you say) I mean, since I am no longer carrying a baby my belly clearly thinks its got to compensate with fat as heavy AS a baby heh heh. 


let's whine about something else pulak. Ahaks! (kidding)

Took family to London late last month. Husband had conference in Newcastle and we all decided to tag along. Spent the entire month of January just dreaming about what I was going to do in London....having coffee in one of the cool cafes in notting hill watching well dressed people walk by..or taking a walk in Hyde Park..or spending happy days in the museums..or browsing in Fortnum & Mason.... Basically all those things I never got to do even though I stayed years and years in the UK lar. 

All those plans (read, berangan) had to abruptly end when we considered that (a) it was the depth of winter and (b) we were taking 5 grown kids and (c) we were also bringing MIL and DIL.  

We did go to the museum though (British Natural History Museum- which has a prayer room btw) and we did go see Tower of London (finally for me) and I managed to attend one BNI meeting !  Sara and Nadine went around London with Nadia their Pakistani British friend, and they managed to find platform 9 3/4 , and British Library. Daya Sophia and Johan also got their separate day out with Uncle Shah and Auntie Shida (my bro who is doing his PhD in Southampton and very kindly spent the entire week with us in London) . 

We managed to find a 2 storey, 4 bedroom apartment for a price that is considered boleylahhhh...and it was really central , which is great. We landed at night , and it really helped that Shah had warmed the apartment, stocked the fridge (with halal meat!) and made it so nice. 

We even had a dinner out - we went to Maze Gordon Ramsay courtesy of some friends.was given the Chef's table..upgraded, katanya..tapi macam kena punish je sebab it was in the kitchen! With full view of the kitchen we watched the whole process macam in any of GRamsays tv shows! heheheheeee

Nadine almost didn't come because she found out that one of the exams she was taking fell on the date we would be away. No problem, found out she could take it in the UK- in Cambridge ! So on one of the days, we went off to Cambridge,  dropped her, came back to London, fetched everyone, and then went back to Cambridge for Nadine. We  then found out a family friend was staying there and he invited  us over for prayers and quick lunch and then very (bravely) and kindly took us walking to  see the town and the river! Kids (Sara and Nadine) went mad in the town, wanting to shop. Aiyoo sayangs the exchange rate weii. But it was the tail end of the January sales so it was not too bad. 

Overall I felt that we did a little bit of everything although not to the degree I wanted lah when I was dreaming away..(and wasting time) . Parents in law were mostly indoors but who could blame them with the cold like that.  

Now that I look back, maybe they were upset with us. Husband and I left them and kids several times. One time to have breakfast with a couple of friends from Malaysia who were there to send their daughter to uni. Before that, the BNI Meeting (which ended at 9 am but we kinda got lost in Marks and Sparks until 12) . Then got dinner lagi. I hope they didn't mind sangat.

Now back to reality, and kids started school and we started work the day after they came home. I thought travelling was great but the reality is it really drains you kan?? The long distance journey is just soo wearying although I love airplanes and airports, normally. I actually don't mind small seats, but can I have huge bathroom space on airline please?  

Oh!! One of my daughter met her ex schoolmate and friend in London on an ahem!! date. She has a teeny crush on the kid, and she wanted to exorcise it by seing him. Yes, that was my plan too with your dad , and look what happened heheheheh (joking!) She would kill me if she reads this as she has repeatedly said it was not a date...but he did come down several hundred miles to see her (yah yah and another friend I know daughter) This guy is an apparently sweet boy and they (accompanied by another sister and Johan) went for lunch and Sherlock holmes (and prayed at regents mosque). I wonder if she still likes him after the non date date? The boy was very smooth- paying for everything even though my daughter said she insisted on sharing. Dek oi, ni sterling tau , marah your parents karang ! 

nak tengok gambar tak?

day 1 - transit in Doha

Day 1 - Awaiting nenek and nadine praying

Day 1- still in doha - this guy was so nice, it was quiet so he took us around for a ride around the airport he he

Day 1- finally arrived in Heathrow at 10 pm! 

day 2- next day penuh ambition to take the tube..9 pound satu kepala travelcard
Day 2- Natural History Museum! (pix taken after the visit...penatnyer)
Day 2- Mil and Dil went back with Hubs, we stayed and walked to nearby neighbourhood of South Kensington. best sbb orang balik kerja, kita lepaks he shop dia contain designer items yew..

wahh posh nyer the road at the back 
Day 3 morning- the BNI Mayfair meeting  with 20 plus businesses we can connect to!
Day 3 morning- promoting hospital and lawfirm malaya....
Day 3 dinner- Maze: Gordon Ramsay restaurant- kitchen !
day 4- tower of london with the entire family

Day 3 dinner- they really are very noisy. dapat je order- dok jerit CHEFF!!!
Day 4 Tower of London- stop makan jap!
Eh ok lah i better go...shall we dream for more trips?? Insha Allah one of which will land in mekah?  There's still the rest of the year! 

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