Monday, April 13, 2015

Leaving the nest

Dear Blog

So there's so many things to update you . Nadine's gotten a place in U of Chicago to do history (she says). She's pretty excited as this was the top uni she wanted. She is fully sponsored so I told her not to let the sponsors down. Do not embarrass the country and the family. She said why can't she disagree with the government just because they are paying for her education. I said it's called gratitude. you explain it? 

Sara is on the verge of starting her foundation programme. We went through the entire pahlava of applying, getting her accepted, and doing the extra English IELTS exam, for a place in foundation course in St Andrews,Scotland. She'd be doing 2 years foundation at 21k pounds a year, and then if she does well, she'll go into medical school at the same university. We saw the brochure, and it's gorgeous. She was excited, we were excited. 

Then one day the father called and said that despite doing O levels, his Uni can consider her after all, on a case to case basis, provided that her results are satisfactory. (She has 8 As from 10 subjects of O levels, she was head prefect, House captain, got awarded best student last year and got awarded the Khalifah award this year- my Sara is a superstar! Hehehehe) The only thing is that the uni is local, vs overseas. Weighing all the options, we had to wake up . He he..there are three more kids after her, and to tie up about 200,000 ringgit a year just for one child would make things difficult financially. I started checking out the job market to see if I can get better pay (much though I love present firm). I  had a twinge of regret that we gave up our permanent residency in the UK. I even suggested selling our lovely home to move to a simpler place , so we can afford a fantastic overseas university for Sara. Sounds mad kan? (but really St Andrews is gorgeous!!! Oh  JPA /MARA, why laaa you cannot sponsor medicine)

What clinched it was Sara. She  surprisingly was okay. She said it's  near home, she can continue to see her friends, do her normal activities etc. So, if she is accepted , inshaAllah she will be going there. But it's local lah. Hubby said it's just as good. (he would, he teaches there) .  He said she still has to prove herself. 

We will have one year break from thinking of degree and courses ...and then in 2017 we have to think of Sophia. Then 2018 Dahlia and 2019 Jojo.. All of whom will be doing O levels (because they stand to do better at them) AND perhaps,  SPM (because that stands a better chance of being financed!) - Insha Allah, they have my prayers always. 

In the meantime, I am dreading the time my kids leave the house..Nadine so far and thank goodness sara not so far..wonder if this was how mom felt. 


hani noordin said...

waahhh best ada citer. salu gak masuk nak baca citer tkini,
Alhamdulillah dgn perkembangan anak2 u.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thankyou for commenting,,sukanyer!!

Dewi Aja said...
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