Friday, April 14, 2017

Dilemma of a diva

Friends are there to listen to you and bounce off ideas and help you solve dilemmas.

I am lucky to have a very close group of friends who I can rely on to give me sound advice and support.

Disclaimer: I have a lot to be grateful for and every time I think I have a problem I realise that it's probably going to seem like so mengada -ngada to some. 

My current problem or dilemma is whether I should go to that job interview or not.

I left the other firm because it had a culture that I didn't think I could be part of. They were very professional and very good but perhaps not too hung up on  being warm and friendly and cuddly, things which I value. Since I am going to be with the office for 8 hours a day I want to like the environment.

Anyway suddenly I received a job offer from this company. This very nice guy said he really needs help, and I would be perfect for the job. I was excited because he was excited! He has many things he wants to get done. It is corporate work, he needs me for the stuff he thinks I can do for him. And he has been looking for me for a long time. The pay is not so fantastic, actually a pay cut. but it would be monthly and stable. I would get EPF! (have not gotten that for absolutely ages and somehow this is important to me at this age and in my mid life identity crisis). The guy is actually nice, smiled a lot, and he said everything I have done in the past in terms of work- he wants ! He said he's working on a great package..although in the end he said they can't match what I wanted. But they will give me a car! (Like I need it? I don't like to drive :) )

Flattering right?? So anyway that was a month ago. Since then, I returned to work with my previous partner and the same arrangement (although I have requested new terms, mainly money and also some changes in the firm like can we move office please boss and can I have a junior lawyer please boss and can we have a website already lah) .I've been working from home and pretty much going wherever I please and fixing my own time. I'm getting clients . So far. For all you know that's it for the year. But at this point in time the two months working in a proper office seems surreal and I am enjoying my freedom.

Sooo then, this company called and arranged an interview, and told me that this is an informality and I'm basically there and the job's mine and he has an office already for me and he's arranging for someone to assist me.

So do I tell him I don't really want to go?

Or should I go for the job? It's stability, it's recognition, it's being part of an organisation.

Vs freedom, autonomy, etc etc.

So my friends basically said- just don't waste his time, tell him it's not for you . Don't feel obligated etc.

So now three days away from the interview, should I cancel on this guy? he's been selling me so hard to his bosses so he said.

Never mind, my friends are right.

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