Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let's stay together :)

Let's Stay Together!

I heard this song being sung by Obama (click here to see the awesome man sings!) And I looked for it and it's Al Green's song..you know it, if you are my age..my son said "I don't know that song!" Duh, of course ler  Johan hehe. I was about 5 kot!

Now the other half pun now likes this song and humming it around the house. We're actually thinking of going to karaoke just to sing this song. Hehe..which is ok right, except going for karaoke is not what Hajj and Hajjah do..we are supposed to be bettering ourselves at the quran- (which we do too!) But we haven't kicked the habit of liking to sing hehe(which I don't think we really should worry about to be honest)

I was thinking of having a karaoke dinner where I can sing to him this song..yes, he's turning 50..I'm thinking of a small cosy dinner with friends.but then (a) which friends ?? and (b) I loathe to share him with the friends..he has so little time, I'd rather share his limited with the family.

Also want to have a doa selamat, give thanks to Allah the almighty for granting us the happiness so far. Anyway we haven't had a big do for a while..so many things have happened and everyone is busy.   It would be nice..but the guestlists would be so long..who do I leave out?? I'm terrible about this. 

anyway ..will think about it.

In the meantime..back to the soul music!

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