Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Well!! It's now 2017!!!

1. Nadine is 2nd year sophomore in U Chicago, doing what looks to be like history of India and anything and everything related thereto under the guise of Islamic history. She was the best student of Adni Islamic school. President of her Malaysian Chicago association or something and really getting into this uni thing.

2. Sara is a first year medical student in Cyberjaya University Centre for Medical Studies can you believe my little Sawa going to be Dr Sara. Thankfully she was awarded the best student of Adni Islamic School for her year. Loves art and doing more of it and selling her stuff

3. Sophia is now starting foundation in business at HeriotWatt University in Malaysia (the Malaysian campus) . She will do her first year  here too before transferring (money permitting) to SCOTLAND for her degree. She was also awarded the best student in Adni. Loves baking and sold lots of cakes to school for fundraising and counted all her takings as  profit (helloo what about the costs your mom and dad put up haa)

..yes I know , i have a contract running with them for the best student award thing hahahahaa

4. Dahlia is in form 5 and sitting for her IGCSE this year and hopefully will do something she likes. Am thinking of sending her to Japan to learn the language properly and also can i go with her hon?
She all of a sudden late last year requested to learn piano so she is banging her heart out on the keys. Very diligent and organises her own tuition and stuff and always studying (or actually reading up anime we KNOW Daya)

5.Johan well he is really progressing up as cadet- he's gone to Sargeant now and will aim to complete to Warrant officer by next year. He finishes school next year (I  KNOW RIGHT????!!!) he is doing ok in school, can do a lot better. He is also progressing in his taekwon do and wants his black belt before he leaves school. He has his aims lah basically. And I hope he gets to be head prefect. He is getting taller but not as tall as he obviously want. Johan, those other boys have stopped growing ok so relax laa

6. Dad is now a cycling addict which is fine (NOT FINE) as long as it does not i nterrupt with his time with me which is of course the first priority (in my head lah the reality is that it's a poor poor second) He has done a 160 km ride, a 180 km ride, and a 90 km ride. And he made a big deal  abt me going to a cooking class with some friends for 4 hours AND my pilates mornings of 2 hours max - its NOT the same hunny , nice try though! I will never be ok with you going 12 hours missing to ride a bike huhu but I think you are awesome anyway.

We are still sickeningly loveydovey and I still think he  is hot but i realise now that a lot of the times he humours me and not tell me when I annoy him or what, I have tried to get him to be honest but he is not that type so I shrug myshoulders lah and have to learn to watch his signs are simple though..they want food, clean clothes, massages, and attention 24hours.

Me..Im still at current firm..dang it I returned, although I tried the big firm for 2 months. I would have stuck it out , you know and excel at it I am sure, had I only liked the culture...

It was fun putting on suits, though

Mom and Dad are had a shock last year when he was admitted into hospital with a stomach complaint and suddently it was an abdominal aneurysm which could easily be fatal. Operation was done pretty much immediately (thank god for the private hospital ) and the other half went in to assist the surgeon who did it and dad is now fully recovered after a horrendous 12 days in ICU and HDU

They stayed with us for a month and then went back home and now from Mom's complaint he is lording it up with her ha ha

Ok Byeeeee


ummisara said...

kak shiela...

lamanya menghilang : best baca update frm u.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Terimakasih tunggu hehe..maluuu

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...